Adalı Holding is one of the top-tier Turkish conglomerates with a track record of 60 years in business. The group diversifies in EPC Construction, Life Support Services, Facility Management, Energy, and Tourism. Adalı Holding is recognized for upstanding business ethics and timely delivery of high-quality work to its customers. Adalı orchestrates its worldwide operations from its global headquarters situated in Istanbul and the operational main offices located in USA and Qatar. Adalı Holding carries out all of its operations under the name of Serka Federal in the USA and Serca Qatar in Qatar.

Since its inception, construction has been the core field activity for Adalı Holding. Under the name of Serka Federal company carried out all the construction and civil engineering projects in the USA. All of the Qatar-based operations are carried out by Serca Qatar which is a subsidiary of Adalı Holding conglomerates.

Today Serca Qatar and Serka Federal has successfully completed a vast amount of Base Operations Support, Operations and Maintenance, construction, and civil engineering projects including but not limited to Airport Constructions, Camps, Buildings, Hotels, Housing, Embassies, fuel distribution systems, pipelines, dams, hydropower plants, water treatment, storage, and transmission systems, protected and hardened structures, and special constructions. 

Adalı Holding Conglomerates has 5 decades of global service experience in 11 countries, it brings; Unparalleled quality of food services and catering operation, Global chain supply, logistics and staffing resource and solution management networks, Intimate knowledge of local laws and regulations, local customs and operating, Unions and active labor forces experience and negotiations, Unequalled experience globally.

For over 54 years, Serka has provided the U.S. Government and private clients with specialized service provisions on 4 continents, 13 countries and we continue to grow. It has been conducting various projects in United States of America, Niger, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman.

Today Serka Services has successfully completed vast number of Base Operations Support and Operations and Maintenance Services world-wide. With over 3,000 employees, Serka uses its global reach to support the U.S. DoD and DoS in U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East on its military and humanitarian efforts. It’s capabilities include Port operations, Food service operations/management, Labor provision, Base support operations, Base support vehicles and equipment (BSVE), O&M and Environmental services. 

Within the last 10 years Serka completed over 100 services and facility management contracts worth over $650 Million. Serka has a robust financial structure and recognized credibility among local and global financial houses including banks, investment banks, and insurance institutions. The group has annual revenue of $250 million with assets of $400 million. Serka has an outstanding bonding capacity ready to be utilized for future development projects.

Serka provides eco-friendly and safety-oriented solutions and has been certified with 1,000,000 safe man-hours with no Lost Time Incidents in one contract alone. From start to finish, we utilize environmentally conscious resources. We possess assurance certificates for quality control, health and safety, and the environment including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, and OSHA 18001.

Serka brings the full extent of its global multi-disciplinary skills to assist any country with its rebuilding, growing, and prospering efforts.