Catering Services

Catering Services

Serka catering services pride itself on offering outstanding variety of food and beverage selections designed to meet all needs. Serka offers global solutions to all catering requirements, serving over 165,000 meals per day. Serka has the capacity, knowledge and financial strength to mobilize all required equipment and materials to provide the best food services, without risking the Occupational Food and Environmental Health, Safety and Sanitation requirements. Serka recognizes the significance of a healthy and satisfying meal, specifically in the most remote camp operations.

As a result of its extensive experience and knowledge in food and beverage sector, Serka accomplished several outstanding food and beverage contracts in several countries in the world.

Some of Serka’s accomplishments are as follows;

Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Serka, military catering company, provided complete food service solutions to the U.S. Government and deployed military in Iraq between 2003 and 2012. This $1.5B worth of contract consisted of vetting, procurement, planning, scheduling and mobilization of over 800 multi-national food and beverage personnel, materials, supplies and vehicles for 17 different installations in Iraq. As a result of precise and accurate planning, organization, staffing, supply chain management, communication and execution, Serka, Iraq Catering Company, provided 165.000 meals per day for over 40.000 US military personnel and civilian contractors in 15 different US Military camps throughout Iraq. Serka worked hand-in-hand with US Military F&B officials for the creation of each 28-day menu of the meals and had successfully passed each and every F&B inspection carried out by specialized US Military F&B inspectors.


Serka, as the prime vendor for U.S. Government, provided dining facility services in Al-Udeid Base in Doha, Qatar between 2015 and 2018. This contract consisted of operation of 3 full-service dining facilities as well as 2 grab and go locations all of which offered a 28-day menu including cuisines from North American and Europe to Mediterranean and Asia. With its experienced food and beverage personnel, Serka provided 18.350 meals per day for the base personnel and hosted special events such for 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s and many others.